Recipient Stories

Recipient Stories

Organ, eye and tissue donations can have a lasting impact on transplant recipients and their loved ones. Hear real-life stories from individuals who have received lifesaving and life-enhancing transplants, thanks to the generosity of donors and their families.

Portrait image of Korbin Staten

Korbin Staten

Korbin Staten received an overwhelming diagnosis at the same time as he received devastating news: He had kidney disease, and his father was in end-stage renal failure.

Six years later, Korbin received a kidney transplant; unfortunately, the transplanted kidney faced two types of rejection.

Group photo image that includes Kirsten Stuck.

Kirsten Stuck

As a young teenager who already had undergone multiple knee surgeries, Kirsten Stuck thought her active lifestyle may have come to an end when she learned she would need repeated procedures for the rest of her life.

Receiving donated tissue has changed Kirsten’s perspective on organ, eye and tissue donation.

Michelle Horne and JJ Hayes

JJ Hayes & Michelle Horne

Most people who become living organ donors do so to give a loved one a second chance at life. Cindy Glazier falls into a different category.

Cindy had heard radio host and Green Ribbon Champion JJ Hayes talk on air about his wife, Michelle, and her need for a lifesaving kidney transplant. Although she didn’t know JJ or Michelle at the time, Cindy felt compelled to become a potential kidney donor.

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