Recipient Stories

Recipient Stories

Organ, eye and tissue donations can have a lasting impact on transplant recipients and their loved ones. Hear real-life stories from individuals who have received lifesaving and life-enhancing transplants, thanks to the generosity of donors and their families.

Portrait style photo of Julie Filbeck sitting in a low chair and smiling at the camera.

Julie Filbeck

When Julie Filbeck cared for her first donor hero 18 years ago in the ICU, she never imagined that a donor could save her life, too. That all changed when a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis came into her life in 2018.

The gift of tissue allowed Julie to return to her work as a nurse while caring for her three young children.

Portrait style photo of Jenna Mihalevich.

Jenna Mihalevich

For the first eight years, Jenna Mihalevich’s life consisted of feeding tubes, a major surgery and countless hospital stays.

Thanks to a donor hero, Jenna received a lifesaving small bowel transplant and her family has become passionate about organ donation because of the lifesaving impact it has had on them.

Portrait image of Maxine McMullen sitting outside in a wicker chair wearing a blue shirt.

Maxine McMullen

Organ donation has not only been lifesaving for Maxine McMullen: It has become a lifestyle.

Through educational booths at health fairs and dialysis centers, Maxine sheds light on the options available to those facing kidney failure.

Read about donor families and the impact their loved ones made, or tell us about your own personal experience with organ donation.