Recipient Stories

Recipient Stories

Organ, eye and tissue donations can have a lasting impact on transplant recipients and their loved ones. Hear real-life stories from individuals who have received lifesaving and life-enhancing transplants, thanks to the generosity of donors and their families.

Michelle Horne and JJ Hayes

JJ Hayes & Michelle Horne

Most people who become living organ donors do so to give a loved one a second chance at life. Cindy Glazier falls into a different category.

Cindy had heard radio host and Green Ribbon Champion JJ Hayes talk on air about his wife, Michelle, and her need for a lifesaving kidney transplant. Although she didn’t know JJ or Michelle at the time, Cindy felt compelled to become a potential kidney donor.

Kari Alejandre

A donated heart gave Kari a second chance at life, the birth of a son and a lifelong connection to the family of her young donor, Keely, who had cerebral palsy.

When her daughter, Keely, passed away, Mary Ann Bjorgaard was devastated. Then a chance meetup led her to learn who Keely’s heart saved, and she realized that in a way, Keely was now able to walk and talk — abilities she had never had since being born with cerebral palsy and without the left side of her brain. Keely’s heart gave Kari Alejandre a second chance at life.

Nicholas Bean Sr

Before getting married, Nicholas had a routine physical that showed his kidneys were failing. His wife, Kimberli, was able to give him the best gift of all — the gift of life.

In 2006, Nicholas Bean Sr and Kimberli Bean reached milestones like those of many other young couples: They got married, bought a house and purchased a car. Before their wedding, Nicholas had a routine physical for the first time in years. Labs revealed Nicholas’ kidneys were failing and he needed a transplant.

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