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Portrait image of Maxine McMullen sitting outside in a wicker chair wearing a blue shirt.

Maxine McMullen

Organ donation has not only been lifesaving for Maxine McMullen: It has become a lifestyle. She first learned of organ donation when kidney failure forced her onto dialysis.

“I wanted to make it my purpose to talk to people and help them understand that there is another way,” she said. “I said, ‘If I ever get off dialysis, I want to take the training and become an Ambassador,’” referring to MTN’s volunteer program of organ, eye and tissue donation advocates.

Nearly 20 years later after receiving a kidney, Maxine is making good on that promise.

“I’ve run across many people that have been misinformed about donation through the years,” she said. “There are people on dialysis that really believe ‘this is the last place I’m going to be until I die.’”

Through educational booths at health fairs and dialysis centers, Maxine sheds light on the options available to those facing kidney failure. She describes being an MTN Ambassador as “a blessing.”

However, Maxine is now back on dialysis and waiting for her chance at another kidney.

“I’ve been talking to the people at the dialysis center, and I’ve been asked to set up a table and talk to them on my off days,” she said. “I want to let people see that there’s something out there for them.”

If you are interested in becoming a living kidney donor, visit kidney.org/transplantation/how-to-donate.

Maxine McMullen’s Family

Portrait photograph of Maxine McMullen standing outside with two of her younger female family members.

Maxine McMullen (left) with her granddaughter, Gabby (center), and goddaughter, Isis (right).