At Midwest Transplant Network, we have the honor of sharing stories of hope, love and triumph in the face of tragedy as we care for donor heroes and their families. We hope these posts will provide an inside look into the world of organ, eye, and tissue donation and inspire you to add your name to the donor registry or encourage others to do the same. Together, we can help decrease the transplant waitlist.

MTN Donor Family Coordinators

Hear from Donor Family Coordinators Denise Cooper and Kara Gartner on their roles in Midwest Transplant Network’s Donor Family Support program.

MTN Donation Communications Coordinators

Hear from Donation Communications Coordinators Jessica Cleary and Lindy Maska on their roles in Midwest Transplant Network’s Donor Family Support program.

Photographic image of Megan and Chris Paone

Family Services Manager Shares About Her Donor Hero

Megan Paone, Manager, Family Services, talks about her grief journey as a donor wife in this guest blog post. Learn more about her husband and donor hero, Chris, as well as how his ability to save lives gives her a sense of peace.


MTN Family Services

Our Family Services staff members work with families whose loved one has the potential to donate an organ(s). To learn more about this unique and powerful profession, we asked Family Services Coordinator John Michael Segars, PharmD, to answer a few questions.

MTN Tissue Services

Most people are familiar with organ donation, yet many know less tissue donation and transplantation. We asked our Tissue Services Manager and Director of Tissue Services to share the importance of this less commonly known type of donation.

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