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Donor Sebastian Vazquez

Sebastian Vazquez

Energetic, loving, giving, protective — those are just a few words to describe seven-year-old Sebastian Vazquez. His mother, Denisse, remembers him as her little Superman. Sebastian loved school and excelled at soccer. After being sick for just a day, Denisse took Sebastian to the doctor. Sebastian was typically a healthy little boy, so she assumed he just had a cold and would recover quickly.

The next morning, as Sebastian went into cardiac arrest, Denisse’s journey as a mother forever changed. Initially when she was asked to donate Sebastian’s organs, Denisse was shocked and unsure what to do. After her mother asked, “Wouldn’t you want his light to shine on?” Denisse knew she wanted to donate Sebastian’s organs to help others.

“I remember the moment I was told a recipient for Sebastian’s heart had been found and how happy I was knowing that there would be one less mom crying for her baby,” said Denisse. “At the same time, I was crying because my baby was gone.”