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Michelle Horne and JJ Hayes

JJ Hayes & Michelle Horne

Most people who become living organ donors do so to give a loved one a second chance at life. Cindy Glazier falls into a different category: one where she donated one of her kidneys to a stranger in need.

Cindy had heard radio host and Midwest Transplant Network Green Ribbon Champion JJ Hayes talk on air about his wife, Michelle, and her need for a lifesaving kidney transplant. Then, Cindy read JJ’s plea on social media for people to become living donors, and although she didn’t know JJ or Michelle at the time, she felt compelled to become a potential kidney donor.

“I felt like God was tapping me on the shoulder,” she said.

She eventually learned that she was a match for Michelle, and in August 2017, the transplant was a success.

“In that time leading up to the donation, Cindy never faltered,” said Michelle. “She was my rock.”

Both women are now doing well, and alongside JJ and Perry (Cindy’s husband), they have formed an unbreakable bond.

“I truly believe we are family in a spiritual journey we all took together,” said JJ.

Editor’s note: After the interview for this story occurred, Michelle Horne died following a battle with COVID-19. From Midwest Transplant Network staff members to JJ Hayes, Cindy and Perry Glazier, and their families: Our thoughts of hope and peace are with you as you continue to grieve this loss.