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Portrait image of Sandy Locke

Sandy Locke

Sandy Locke was a genuine person who always was determined to give back. She had registered as an organ donor, and although her children did not know that, they knew that her wish must have been important to their stubborn, determined mother. Sandy ultimately became a donor, and her children are very proud of her selflessness.

“Donation is a demonstration of true compassion and charity,” said Sandy’s son, Donny Wilcox. “We feel it’s a blessing she’s passed on to others and enabled them to live to their fullest capacity.”

Sandy had always said that when she passed, she wanted to be a bald eagle. Her daughter Shannon Wilcox had never seen a bald eagle near her home in Wisconsin for the several years she had lived there. After losing her mom, Shannon says she and her family began seeing these symbols of her mother’s spirit all around.

“I think of her every day because there are bald eagles everywhere, and I miss her so much,” she said.

Through her grief, Shannon feels grateful for her mother’s generous gift of donation.

“A piece of her is out there right now, so I think that’s pretty special,” she said.

The Locke Family

Portrait of Sandy Locke's family.

Back row, left to right: Erica Wilcox, Sandy’s daughter-in-law; Shannon Wilcox, Sandy’s daughter
Front row, left to right: Eli Gustke, Sandy’s daughter’s nephew; Mya Gustke, Sandy’s daughter’s niece