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Donor Addisen Snyder

Addisen Snyder

Katie Snyder and Scott Snyder have matching tattoos that say “heartbeat of a hero” in honor of their daughter, Addisen. Addisen was fun-loving and carefree with a heart of gold; she loved to dance, cheerlead and spend time with her family, including her best friend: her brother, Lucas.

When a tragic incident took her life, Scott and Katie decided to donate Addisen’s organs and tissues.

“She took care of everybody and we knew that donation is what she would want to do,” Scott said. “We couldn’t let her go without giving back.”

Since Addisen’s passing, Katie and Scott advocate for the healing power of donation for potential recipients and donor families alike.

“Donation comes full circle,” Katie said. “When you go through something you’re not prepared for, it gives you a little bit of life, a little bit of hope that they can keep making people happy. I’m so happy that she’s out there still — that she’s a real superhero.”

Although they miss their daughter, Scott and Katie feel hopeful when they hear about Addisen’s recipients.

“Her donation has given us strength, knowing that she’s still here and that she was able to help people of all ages,” Scott said. “I’ve always called it a beautiful tragedy.”

The Snyder Family

Group portrait photo of Addisen Snyder's family

Back row, left to right: Scott Snyder, Addisen’s father; Katie Snyder, Addisen’s mother
Front row: Lucas Snyder, Addisen’s brother