(Last Updated On: November 2, 2022)
Portrait image photograph of Dymond Shafer.

Dymond Shafer

Reserved, kind and quiet, with impeccable taste, Dymond Shafer worked in corporate settings for many years before shifting his focus onto his passion: real estate development. Yet he loved nothing more than being a father to his three daughters — Amaya, Amelia and Ari — and son, Adrian. While Adrian was Dymond’s stepson, that designation as in name only, as the two shared a strong father-son bond.

After a real estate accident prematurely ended Dymond’s life, Linnie supported the decision she knew her husband wanted: to become an organ and tissue donor.

Soon after Dymond’s donation, Linnie heard from the mother of one of Dymond’s kidney recipients. Her son had been on dialysis for a long time prior to receiving his transplant.

“It is an amazing legacy to know that your loved one didn’t die in vain, and they helped save somebody,” Linnie said.

Going forward, Linnie aims to preserve Dymond’s memory in her young daughters’ minds.

“I hope we can take his memory and keep him alive for the girls,” she said. “I hope we always talk about him and always can laugh about things.”

Linnie hopes Dymond’s story will inspire others to join the organ, eye and tissue donor registry.

“Donation is so important, and people’s lives can be saved,” she said. “It’s simple to sign up, and it’s a gift.”

The Shafer Family

Family portrait image of Linnie Shafer, her son and three daughters.

Back row, left to right: Linnie Shafer, Dymond’s wife; Adrian Damrongchai, Dymond’s son. Front row, left to right: Amaya Shafer, Ari Shafer and Amelia Shafer, Dymond’s daughters.