Donor Stories

Donor Stories

The gift of life through organ, eye and tissue donation has a lasting impact on donor families, recipients, recipient families and living donors. Read inspirational stories from families whose loved ones impacted the lives of transplant recipients through the generous gift of donation.

Black and white portrait photo of Josh Stark.

Josh Stark

Josh Stark's life was marked by compassion and selflessness.

After a lifelong battle with mental health, Josh’s life ended in 2014. His family did not hesitate at the chance for him to become a donor.

Sam Harter

When 15-year-old Sam Harter was involved in a skateboarding incident resulting in traumatic brain injury, his parents discussed the possibility of donating his organs.

Since Sam became an organ, eye and tissue donor, Kim and Jay have felt some comfort associated with their decision for him to donate.

Portrait image photograph of Dymond Shafer.

Dymond Shafer

After a real estate accident prematurely ended Dymond’s life, his wife supported the decision she knew her husband wanted: to become an organ and tissue donor.

Linnie hopes Dymond’s story will inspire others to join the organ, eye and tissue donor registry.

Read about recipients and the impact their donors made, or tell us about your own personal experience with organ donation.