Donor Stories

Donor Stories

The gift of life through organ, eye and tissue donation has a lasting impact on donor families, recipients, recipient families and living donors. Read inspirational stories from families whose loved ones impacted the lives of transplant recipients through the generous gift of donation.

Trista and Kyle Smith and family

Trista and Kyle Smith

Mary and Tex Benjamin remember their daughter and son-in-law as devoted parents who impacted many people.

When Trista Smith lost her husband, he became a tissue donor. A couple years later, Trista passed away and became an organ, eye and tissue donor. Although the losses have been painful for them, Trista's parents are proud of Trista and Kyle for their selfless decisions to become donors.

Donor Rando Williams

Rando Williams

Air Force veteran and former small business owner Rando Williams was caring and supportive, performing small acts of kindness for his children even in their adult lives.

When Rando passed away, his family members were pleasantly surprised to learn that he could still be an organ donor at age 84.

Donor Leah Brown

Leah Brown

Leah Brown was fearless, funny, charming and inspiring. She was on medical leave from basic training when fatally struck by a stray bullet.

Leah’s mother, Gretchen Brown Carroll, is an emergency department nurse who — in the face of extreme tragedy and loss — advocated for her daughter to become a tissue and eye donor.

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