Sadie Miller and family

Sadie Miller

Sadie Miller was a healthy, recently married mother of two when she contracted viral cardiomyopathy. After receiving a heart transplant, she became a strong supporter of organ donation.

“Every time anybody went to the DMV, the first thing she said was, ‘You better sign up as an organ donor, or I will not talk to you anymore,’” jokes Sadie’s husband, Kyle Smith.

When Sadie’s transplanted heart began to fail several years after her transplant, her body was not strong enough to receive another transplant. She passed away, giving others life-enhancing gifts by becoming a tissue and eye donor.

Sadie’s legacy continues through her family, to whom she was incredibly close — including her mother, Jen Tinner, and sister, Caroline Miller.

“She also lives on through both of our children, Owen and Crawford, because they look like her, and also, they definitely have her attitude,” said Kyle.

If he could talk to Sadie today, Kyle would want her to know how well their kids are doing.

“They are extremely strong children,” he said. “They impress me every day.”