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Photograph of Rocky Delfs sitting on a couch, hugging a dog and smiling into the camera.

Rocky Delfs

When Rocky Delfs and his twin brother, Alias Delfs, were adopted at age 7, their fathers allowed them to choose their new names. Rocky finally settled on being named after the “Italian Stallion”: a big name for a boy with a big personality.

“He was in the spotlight all the time, no matter what he did,” his older brother, Josh Delfs, said. “He was big. He was a small guy, but he was big.”

Rocky’s life ended unexpectedly at age 15 from Brugada syndrome, a congenital heart defect that had gone undetected.

While his family struggled with his loss, there was no debate about Rocky becoming an organ donor, knowing his selfless, giving heart.

Five people benefitted from Rocky’s gift, including a 16-year-old lung recipient. Rocky also saved the life of his twin brother, who discovered that he had been living with the same heart defect.

“People say when you lose somebody that they live on in your heart and memories, and they do,” Rocky’s father Bill said. “But he’s living on physically in five other people. So, it gives us a lot more comfort to know that there are five people alive because of him.”

Rocky Delfs’ Family

Pictured — left to right: Joey Leotaud, Rocky’s father; Emily Fuhrman, Rocky’s friend; Bill Delfs, Rocky’s father; Josh Delfs, Rocky’s brother