(Last Updated On: December 3, 2020)

Rickey Rayford

Rickey was known for his life-loving attitude and infectious smile. He loved music, the outdoors, and spending time with close friends and family. He would give not only the shirt off his back, but also his pants and socks to help someone — so it was no surprise when he made the decision to register as an organ, tissue and eye donor.

After the sudden loss of Rickey, a small beam of hope shined through the tragedy: Rickey was able to save and enhance lives as an organ and tissue donor.

“To know my son wanted to do whatever donation was possible helped us heal as a family,” said his mother, Roberta Rayford-Crawford.

Roberta still finds joy in talking about Rickey and finds the most comfort listening to his favorite song, Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky.” Although Roberta feels emotional when hearing it, she also finds the chance to remember Rickey doing what he loved best: dancing.

Rickey Rayford’s Family

Pictured: Rickey’s brothers (from left to right) Tyrell Rayford, Roderick Rayford, and James Boyd, with his mother, Roberta Rayford-Crawford