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Joel Stinnett

From a young age, Joel Stinnett was a giver with a genuine heart who would always try to help others in need.

When his life ended prematurely, Joel’s mom, April Hagan, asked about Joel’s potential to donate his organs. April’s uncle had previously been a cornea and tissue donor, and she hoped her son would be able to help others in need, too. Joel’s driver’s license confirmed his desire to become a donor, and April is grateful that her son’s wishes to become an organ donor were fulfilled.

“Somewhere every day, there are parents praying for their kids to receive an organ,” she said. “There are people on the other side praying because they’re saying goodbye, and they want something meaningful and beautiful to happen so their loved one has a legacy that isn’t about death. And that’s where donation answers the prayer.”

Going forward, April hopes to share Joel’s story broadly so others can learn of his selflessness.

“Joel’s life was cut short, but there was a lot of purpose in those 34 years,” she continued. “I’m hoping I can honor him by keeping his memory alive and by letting people know that his gifts are important — not just to a few, but to many. Maybe his legacy will stretch further than I’ll ever dream.”

Joel Stinnett’s Family

Pictured — left to right: Bob Hagan, April’s husband; April Hagan, Joel’s mother