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Portrait image of Isaiah Ross

Isaiah Ross

Isaiah (Zay) Ross was a loving, giving, faith-filled person who always did what he could to help others.

“I always say he did more in his 25 years than I have in my 60,” said his mother, Allena Ross.

When Isaiah suddenly passed away, his family initially struggled with his wish to become an organ donor. After learning more about Isaiah’s potential to save lives, they became supportive — and even worked with care team members to donate one of Isaiah’s kidneys to a close friend.

Today, Isaiah is deeply missed by his tight-knit family.

“The bond between us was so strong, and I’m thankful to my parents for bringing him into the world to have someone by my side for those years,” said his sister, Angelena Ross.

His girlfriend, Kristin Wyatt, feels reassured when considering how Isaiah would view saving others’ lives through donation.

“The fact that Zay helped other families get to spend time with their loved one — I know there’s nothing he would’ve wanted more,” she said.

As Isaiah’s father, Micah Ross, navigates his grief, he feels thankful for the life his son lived.

“When I think about him now, it’s easier to smile,” he said. “We are so grateful to be able to continue his memory in this way.”

The Ross Family

Portrait image of the Ross family.

Back row, left to right: Angelena Ross, Isaiah’s sister, Micah Ross, Isaiah’s father, and Kristin Wyatt, Isaiah’s girlfriend; Front row, seated: Allena Ross, Isaiah’s mother.