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A headshot of donor hero Drew Hedrick in white shirt, black bow tie and suspenders.

Drew Hedrick

At 18 years old, Drew Hedrick’s life was just starting. A recent graduate from Liberty North High School, his family remembers him as a gifted multi-sport athlete, an Eagle Scout and a loyal friend to all.

“We’ve had people come up to us and explain how much Drew meant to them,” Drew’s father, Andy Hedrick, said. “He showed kindness to them or took an interest in them when no one else had.”

When Drew’s life was cut short suddenly and unexpectedly, his family’s only comfort was his choice to be a donor.

“It was the worst day ever,” Drew’s sister, Molly Casel, said. “As soon as donation came into play, it shifted our whole perspective. We were happy to hear that people were getting calls they had been waiting on for years.”

Drew’s family is outspoken about the gift of donation and the solace it has provided them in their grief.

Drew’s mother, Bridget Hedrick, said, “I honestly can’t imagine anyone going through what we went through and not having this opportunity to make something beautiful out of it.”

Drew Hedrick’s Family

A portrait style photo of Drew Hedrick's family including dad, brother, brother-in-law, mom, sister and nephew.

Left to right: Andy Hedrick, Drew’s father; Bridget Hedrick, Drew’s mother; Liam Hedrick, Drew’s brother; Molly Casel, Drew’s sister; Jamie Casel (in Molly’s arms), Drew’s nephew; Brooks Casel, Drew’s brother-in-law