Crystal Sharp

Crystal Sharp

According to Jeannie Sharp, her daughter, Crystal Sharp, loved animals, the outdoors, and her family, and she always went out of her way to help others.

“I was very proud of her,” said Jeannie. “She knew how terribly proud I was of her, because I told her all the time. We were very close friends.”

After her fiancé’s son, Skyler Rock, went into renal failure, Crystal researched better ways to feed Skyler according to his unique dietary needs. She even looked into being tested to see if she could donate a kidney to Skyler.

“Crystal and Sky had this special connection, and he was pretty bonded to her,” said Jeannie.

When Crystal died unexpectedly, she gave Skyler a second chance at life by donating a kidney to him. Crystal’s kidney started working in Skyler’s body right away, and he now can eat whatever he likes and go swimming — things he never could do prior to his transplant.

Now a teenager, Skyler says that he is the lucky one, because he “carries a piece of Crystal with him every day.”