Funeral Homes & Medical Examiners

Funeral Homes & Medical Examiners

Medical and forensic professionals play an important role in organ, eye and tissue donation by broadening options for donor families when a loved one passes away. At Midwest Transplant Network, we partner with Kansas and Missouri funeral homes and medical examiners to honor the donation decisions of the generous people in our communities and support their families in the journey.

Reimbursement Assistance

Funeral homes can receive reimbursement to cover the additional costs associated with a recovered donor. To submit a request, complete the reimbursement form and send it to Midwest Transplant Network.

Request a program or contact us to learn more about our partnerships with area funeral homes.

Right to Donate

Every individual has the right to donate. You can authorize to be an organ and tissue donor by signing up with your state registry at your local DMV or by registering online at the following websites: