Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Your work at the DMV, licensing, treasury or Department of Revenue office is critical to our mission. Why? Because according to Donate Life America, 98% of registered donors join the donor registry through their local driver’s license office. At Midwest Transplant Network, we value our partnerships with licensing and treasury offices, and we work closely with the Kansas and Missouri Departments of Revenue to jointly increase the number of registered donors in each state.

When individuals say “yes” to the state donor registry at the DMV, they may receive a donor symbol on their license or ID cards (in Missouri, registrants may opt out of having the symbol). Their names are placed in a confidential database that will be accessed only when the time comes to donate. The organ, eye and tissue donor registries of both Missouri and Kansas use First Person Authorization, which means any individual can join the registry, and no one can overturn that decision if the registered donor is age 18 or older.

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