How to Make a Quilt Square

How to Make a Quilt Square

At Midwest Transplant Network, we offer free quilt square packets to all our donor families. The packet includes a template, photo transfer paper, photo release form and return envelope. To request a packet, please contact us at

If you are interested in making a quilt square in honor of a donor, your square should meet these requirements:

  • Your quilt square must be eight inches on each side.
  • Your design must be contained within the center seven inches of the square, leaving a half-inch on each side blank for stitching into the quilt.
  • Do not “finish” the square with quilting or use backing.
  • You may use any color or type of fabric, including sentimental materials such as your loved one’s baby blanket, high school jacket, tie or favorite sweater.
  • You may use crayons, paint, permanent markers, glitter, thread or any other medium to design the square.
  • You may adorn the square with poems, quotes and symbols of your loved one’s life.
  • Feel free to include your loved one’s name and dates of birth and death on the square.
  • Whenever possible, please sew everything on the quilt square securely (avoid using glue because it does not last over time). The quilts travel frequently, so make sure everything is as secure as possible.
  • If you would like to include a photograph of your loved one, you can have a photo transferred onto fabric by a copy shop, or you can laminate a photo and sew it onto the quilt square.
  • Because the quilt is quite large, we ask families to make only one square for each donor.
  • Take a photo of your quilt square before mailing it so you can remember the design.
  • Enclose the quilt square in a zipped plastic bag to ensure that it arrives safely.
  • Please complete the quilt release form and mail it with your quilt square to:

Midwest Transplant Network

1900 W. 47th Place, Suite 400

Westwood, KS 66205

For more information, contact us or view FAQs about donor memorial quilts.