Wyatt Hughes

A goofy overthinker who loved fishing, Wyatt Hughes had a big heart. His parents, Jenny and Sean Hughes, describe him as a class clown who liked to help others. It was no surprise to Jenny and Sean that Wyatt made the choice to join the organ and tissue donor registry.

“That was all on my son,” Sean said. “I thought very highly of his decision.”

When his life was cut short, Wyatt gave back in the utmost way as an organ and tissue donor.

“People know all about Wyatt’s donation,” Jenny said. “He gave every organ he could.”

Jenny and Sean now feel a sense of community and support through donor family events.

“You know your person is not forgotten,” Jenny said. “People remember that he was here and left leaving the ultimate gift.”

Wyatt Hughes’ Family

Pictured: Wyatt’s mother, Jenny; and father, Sean Hughes