Donor Rose Erickson

Rose Erickson

Rose Erickson was a loving person who would welcome anyone into her home. She was known for her cooking, especially around the holidays.

“If you hear anybody talk about my mom, they talk about her cooking,” said Rose’s daughter, Ashley Trotter.

When Rose suddenly passed away, Ashley supported Rose’s wishes to become an organ donor.

“She would literally give you the last of everything she had, so I knew that it was the right thing that she would want me to do,” Ashley said.

Since then, Ashley has met her mother’s liver recipient.

“When we first met, it was kind of bittersweet,” Ashley said. “The liver was a perfect match.”

Ashley now educates those in her life about the importance of donation.

“I’ve become a huge advocate for organ donation,” she said. “It’s made the difference in my life as far as knowing my mom is continuing to do what she wanted to do by helping others.

“I tell people how important donation is, because you just really don’t think about it until you’re in that position.”