Leea Crawford Walker

Leea Crawford Walker

Leea Crawford Walker’s family remembers her energetic, funny personality and how she enjoyed traveling, cooking and throwing impromptu parties. The day before she passed away, Leea prepared dinner for her family, even serving her parents their meals.

After developing diabetes while pregnant with her son, D’Anthony Williams, Leea eventually needed a kidney transplant. She was trying to become healthy enough to rejoin the waitlist when she passed away. Her generous personality and compassion for others in need of transplants shone through to her family.

“One day, we were passing each other in the hallway, and while crying, she hugged me and said, ‘Anything that I have, I want to be able to donate it to help somebody else live,’” said Leea’s mother, Arnetta Crawford.

Arnetta has since become a strong advocate for donation.

“Leea’s willingness to donate rose something up into me after working in the medical field,” she said. “Why would I not help Midwest Transplant Network to encourage people to donate their bodies after they’re gone?”