Portrait image of Carl Larsen.

Carl Larsen

Carl Larsen’s family remembers his adventurous spirit, culinary skills, favorite holiday (Halloween) and commitment to making the world a better place by doing good deeds every day. He loved his family, including his two young children with wife, Joy Larsen, above all.

“I always thanked his family for raising him because he turned out to be such a wonderful guy,” Joy said. “You never think somebody who looks like that would be so compassionate and loving, like the stereotype, but he was an amazing man.”

When Carl’s life ended prematurely, he saved and enhanced lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. While grieving her loss, Joy says that receiving letters from his recipients is “absolutely amazing.”

“He’s helping his recipients live their best lives,” she said. “Donation is a really good process. You don’t know how important it is until you get those letters.”

Joy and her family have witnessed firsthand the impact donation can have, and she believes in the power of hope for recipients and their families. She said she sees for them a “bigger, brighter future, knowing they can do things they were not able to do before.”

The Larsen Family

Group portrait of the Larsen family.

Back row, left to right: Joy Larsen, Carl’s wife; Beth Eckert, Carl’s sister-in-law; Stanley Eckert, Carl’s brother-in-law; Ken Mullikin, Carl’s father-in-law; Mary Mullikin, Carl’s mother-in-law. Front row, left to right: Trinity Larsen, Carl’s daughter; Christian Larsen, Carl’s son.