Donor Stories

Donor Stories

The gift of life through organ, eye and tissue donation has a lasting impact on donor families, recipients, recipient families and living donors. Read inspirational stories from families whose loved ones impacted the lives of transplant recipients through the generous gift of donation.

Portrait photo of Michele Baumngardner

Michele Baumgardner

A strong, spirited woman who loved animals and rock ’n’ roll, Michele Baumgardner was a giver.

When Michele died unexpectedly, she had the rare opportunity to save and enhance lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.

Portrait image of Carl Larsen.

Carl Larsen

Carl Larsen’s family remembers his adventurous spirit, culinary skills, favorite holiday (Halloween) and commitment to making the world a better place.

He loved his family, including his two young children with wife, Joy Larsen, above all. When Carl’s life ended prematurely, he saved and enhanced lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.

Photo image of Austin Cross .

Austin Cross

Austin Cross was the type of person who would do anything to make people laugh and was always willing to help if he could.

When a car accident cut 22-year-old Austin’s life short, his family learned of his wish to become an organ, eye and tissue donor. Supporting her son as he saved lives through organ donation drove his mother, Stacy, to change her mind about her own donation wishes.

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